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IFC mall in Central - Shop for Rent / Sale

Basic Info

Last Update: 14/01/2022
IFC mall
IFC mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Hong Kong and is the major component of the 4.47 million square feet building complex in Central waterfront which comprises a unique combination of prestigious offices, high-end shopping and entertainment outlets, and Hong Kong's finest hotel and suite hotel (Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Place).With more than 200 stores featuring international premier brands, flagship stores and unique concept stores, ifc mall is the place to go for an extraordinary shopping, dining and entertainment experience. It is not only a hot spot for sightseeing in Hong Kong, but also one of the iconic world-class shopping malls.
Building Info
Building Info
Retail Building
Total Size
Approx. 800,000 sq.ft.
No. of Floor
Year Built
Floor System
Ceiling Height
Popular Facilities
Car Park
Covered Park Fee
Fee: B3:$4850; B4: $4600; B5: $4400 (Tenant Only)

Covered Park Fee Floating
Fee: B3:$5700; B4: $5500; B5: $5300

Monthly Fixed Fee
Fee: $4850(B3); $4600(B4); $4400(B5)

Monthly Floating Fee
Fee: $5700(B3); $5500(B4); $5300(B5)

Day Park Fee
Fee: B1 (HK Station):$95 (0800-2000 Sun & Pub Only)

Hourly Park Fee
Fee: B1 (HK Station):$17 (MTR transit Discount)/$29; B3:$24 (0700-2300); $12 (2300-0700)

* Please note that all floor area information quoted herein has not been verified.
Transaction of the Building

Last Update: 14/01/2022