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When should I start looking for office space?


You should call now and get the process started. From initial search to move-in can take 4-6 months. Small spaces and those leased on an as-is basis can be occupied much faster but you need to give yourself plenty of extra time.

Can you help me create a budget?


Yes, we help clients all the time with their business plans and office budget. Call us to discuss your specific office requirement so we can give you accurate numbers. You shouldn’t count on any on-line published rates fitting your individual needs. Lots of things can increase your final occupancy cost so it is smart to get accurate estimates using your specific requirements. We can give you a solid budget range in 5 minutes over the phone.

Do you help negotiate office renewals?


Yes. We provide provide powerful negotiating leverage for tenants who want to renew their current lease. The key to the whole process is to have your landlord know that you are actively searching for alternative spaces with your agent. The chance of loosing you as a tenant is the only real motivation the landlord has to negotiate. Often this is best accomplished by having your agent contact the landlord for a renewal proposal and start the discussion about other properties you are considering. (We recommend you actually go look at new space too.)

Do you help purchase buildings?


Yes. Many clients express interest in purchasing but only a select number of businesses are good candidates for taking on this ‘’project’’. Buying a building for your business can be a great investment or can financially sink you. The companies who should consider purchasing have

  • 01Ample cash reserves not needed for business operations or development
  • 02Stable, positive cash flow for the foreseeable future
  • 03Predictable growth
  • 04Six to 18 months lead time before occupancy

I need more space-what are my options?

  • 01Look into expansion and relocation opportunities in your building or within the owner’s real estate portfolio
  • 02Split your operations and get a second office with a lease that expires the same time as your current lease
  • 03Start marketing your space for sublease as you start the search for a new location

I need to get out of my office lease-what are my options?

  • 01Request a buy-out proposal, This will include a lump sum payment that will terminate your lease -a very costly option
  • 02Sublease the unused portion of your space to another company
  • 03Sublease your entire space and move to a smaller office