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When should I start looking for office space?


Ideally, you should start the process around 4-6 months before the actual move-in date. Smaller spaces and those leased on an ‘as-is’ basis can be occupied much faster but it is better to give yourself time to review your options and time for negotiation

Can you help me to create a budget for my office move?


Yes, we are here to assist and can help you allocate your budget depending on your office requirements. Online calculators can give approximate figures, but it is always best to speak to someone that can cater to your specific needs in order to provide some accurate costings. Contact us to have a discussion on how to get started.

Do you help negotiate office renewals?


Yes. We can represent tenants who want to renew their current office lease. It is better for landlords to have a trustworthy long-standing tenant than run the risk of vacancy due to tenant departures. Having a real estate agent contact the landlord to request a renewal proposal is an opportunity to negotiate a suitable lease term for the coming contract.

Do you help with the purchasing of commercial properties?


Yes. We have had many clients express interest in doing so. Buying a commercial property can be a great investment or can be a liability. Should you wish to be an owner/occupier of the building, it is best to consider a 6 to 18 months lead time to find the right property for you.

I need more space – what are my options?


There are a few options you can consider:

  • 01- Look into expansion and relocation opportunities in your building or within your landlord’s real estate portfolio
  • 02- Split your operations and get a second office with a lease that expires the same time as your current lease
  • 03- Explore serviced office or flexspace options that allow for lower capital expenditure and easy adaptability for headcount growth over the short-term 。

I need to get out of my office lease – what are my options?

  • 0101 Request a buy-out proposal. This will include a lump sum payment that will terminate your lease, which can be a very costly option
  • 0202 Sublease the unused portion of your space to another company, subject to the sublease clause in your lease agreement and your landlord’s approval
  • 0303 Sublease / Surrender your entire space, subject to the discussion and approval of your landlord